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Home décor is what makes building a home. Here we have studied the 2019 interior design trends since the New Year to make the most of your space for a lifetime and beyond, we thought we’d share our finds with you for inspiration as we are all set for the year.

Read more and find out how you normal apartment or villa can be turned into an extravagant pleasing and a ravishing house in the confines of the space you already have.



Every year we see remarkable progress with uses of materials we use and guess who is making it to the news, it is none other than the renowned designer Patricia Urquiola who creates a collection of tables making use of tempered, feather light glass with irregular veins resounding those found in marble.

She comes up with mesmerizing series of oval-shaped tables laid with asymmetrical legs, which are vibrant and bewitching with the glass top’s vein pattern appearing to be fluid with a shift of perspectives, creating a sensual and lively option that tops our list of 2019 interior design trends and this definitely went beyond the expected.



How can we discuss about the trends of décor in 2019 without talking about the color of the year? Pink, blue, black, white? What could it be? Actually, none of it.

Coined Nightwatch green, this moodier alternative to hunter and bottle green paved its path towards the on-trend matte black and looks great with high-shine glosses and elements. It might not be good enough to turn the whole room to this color, but it would be appreciable to consider small yet impactful ways to bring the color in.



Adaptable abodes are one of the most practical and fascinating 2019 interior design trends to grab our attention, be it modern iterations on Murphy beds or movable walls and multi-purpose built-in’s.

Anyways, who would say no to a home packed with genius, conversation-starting design that has the ability to make the best out of even the least space with the practicality, great design, and ease?



With the environment suffering crisis after crisis every day after day, we have to take new chances on the production and décor that are pleasant to the eyes and at the same time leaving little to no impact on the planet and its resources.

Recycling and reusing can be well done the best in home décor as we can’t even imagine how the things that you thought were crap could transform. From leftover materials like marble being recomposed in smart ways to energy-saving devices and more, whatever you bring home from now on ought to follow suit of taking less and giving back to the planet as much as it can.



As urban cities are witnessing the incoming of more and more people from different places, space management is considered to be the most important aspect when it comes to housing. Hence, it totally makes sense for designers to finally catch on to the need for smart, multi-purpose furnishings that are tiny in scale.

Welcome those furnishings that can adapt to different spaces and can fit with ease into challenging rooms will definitely be a trend worth adapting that is bound to become one of the most popular 2019 interior design trends to make a splash.

If you have made up your mind to get yourself a new home or villa, make sure that you follow these home decor trends.

How House Insurance Policy Works During Calamities

With regards to home insurance, there are different approaches accessible in the market. We inspect the contrasts between them, to assist proprietors with gauging the correct arrangement

Harm to properties because of cataclysmic events, is one of the gravest monetary mishaps that one may go over throughout everyday life. The massive floods in Kerala in the year 2018, caused harm worth some thousand crores to property and made countless destitute. While people can’t turn away regular disasters, one can surely ensure their homes against them and limit the misfortune or harm. Insurance is the main cover, on a great many people’s rundown. Be that as it may, not very many individuals take home insurance in India. Despite the fact that it is moderate, short of what one percent of individuals end up getting it.

Getting a thorough home insurance strategy will guarantee that a home purchaser can be shielded against monetary misfortunes, if any disaster, natural or man-made, happens. The strategy can cover a wide range of characteristic and man-made fiascos, including flood, seismic tremor, terrorist attacks and even theft. A thorough home insurance approach gives cover to the structure, just as the substance of a home, against unanticipated conditions, including natural disasters and henceforth, is suggested for home purchasers, to guarantee that they are not looked with a money related crunch.


Types of cover that house insurance policies give:

  • House insurance for the building: This approach gives home purchasers assurance for the structure of a home, which comprises of the structure itself, alongside perpetual installations and inherent things.
  • House insurance for substance: This strategy furnishes home purchasers with cover for the substance of their home, including furniture, adornments, electrical and versatile apparatuses.

Other than the fundamental assurance, a protection approach can likewise offer extra covers, for example, the typical cost for basic items in a leased settlement while your home is being fixed. In the event that the house is leased, the proprietor can seek shelter against the loss of lease, if a natural calamity renders it unfit for occupation. In any case, these spreads are for a restricted time of up to a couple of months after the debacle.

A house insurance covers the money related hazard to a property, caused because of quake, flood, fire, harms because of an inhabitant’s activities, etc. At the point when the proprietor acquires such money related misfortune because of harm to the safeguarded property, the safety net provider pays for the substitution cost, to the degree of harm, in the wake of changing the deductible according to its terms and conditions. For instance, in the event that, because of flame, the kitchen is harmed, the insurance agency will pay for the expense acquired in fixing the kitchen. Be that as it may, before you get the case sum, the insurance agency may request that you pay the deductible aggregate.


Which house insurance policy would it be advisable for you to purchase?

A landowner might be progressively worried about the structure of the property. Thus, he may jump at the chance to purchase house insurance that covers the danger of harm to the structure. Then again, an occupant might be increasingly worried about the possessions thus, may get a kick out of the chance to purchase insurance for the substance. A complete house insurance approach item, may give you the advantage of hazard cover for the substance, just as the structure. Be that as it may, before purchasing an insurance policy, the candidate should look at the rundown of incorporation and rejections, to make sense of what chance risks the insurance covers.


Protection for the under-development properties

While a house insurance gives protection to the developed property, imagine a scenario in which you have purchased an under-development property. For this situation, specialists propose that it is the obligation of the manufacturer, to get any measures followed and insurance policy taken, to cover the risk to an under-development property from natural disasters. In this way, before you purchase an under-development property on a home loan, check whether the developer has taken an undertaking protection cover.

Why Married Couples Should Own A Home Jointly

Why Married Couples Should Own A Home Jointly

The marriage is an institution where two individuals consent to remain by one another amid great and the awful occasions throughout everyday life. Actually, the wedded individuals have better reserve funds and speculation choices. And ponder on what’s better than buying a home for these accomplishing these two purposes.

Indeed, together owning property has different advantages which a couple can benefit regardless of the way that one individual is working and other is a ward. Thus, investigate the upsides of mutually owning property which you can benefit as a wedded couple.

1. Simple Affordability :

Each couple know their financial plan and capacity to reimburse the advance. Hence, the choice of owning property mutually can make homeloan reimbursement less demanding as the obligation sum gets appropriated among the couple. This makes home purchasing moderate and one can consider owning a property which is somewhat more than their financial plan.

2. Assessment Saving:

As per the Income Tax rules, both the home loan borrower and the co-borrower can appreciate assess exception up to rupees 1.50 lakhs for key sum and up to 2 lakh rupees under the reimbursement of intrigue sum. Both these tax cuts are offered under Section 80 C and 24 of the Income Tax law separately.

3. Lower Stamp Duty Charge:

Today, different State Governments are concentrating on ladies strengthening and accordingly offer lower stamp obligation charges. For instance, in Delhi a female property purchaser needs to pay Stamp obligation of 4 percent and the man is accused of 6 percent stamp obligation for the equivalent. Along these lines, you can pay less as the stamp obligation charge by owning property mutually as a wedded couple.

4. Simple Transfer of Property Title:

The greatest preferred standpoint of owning property together is that the sudden demise of any accomplice won’t make an issue for the other one. The technique for exchanging property title starting with one individual’s name then onto the next if there should be an occurrence of a solitary proprietor is tedious where the property title is effectively transferrable as the life partner is a predefined candidate in a large portion of the cases. In this way, the technique for the equivalent turns out to be simple if there should be an occurrence of sudden passing legitimately married accomplice.

Nest Habitation Haiku is the best pick for married couples as they are given the option to customize their new home, the way they want it to be. From color code, to amenities to ambience, you get to choose it all.

Here Are 6 RERA Rules You Must Know Before Buying An Apartment

Here Are 6 RERA Rules You Must Know Before Buying An ApartmentPurchasing a house is a standout amongst the most essential advances that an individual takes in like and the procedure included is dull, without a doubt, particularly when there have been such a significant number of instances of property question and cheats. This is applicable for builders and realtors across the country.

In an offer to secure the enthusiasm of homebuyers, the administration had thought of two key measures, RERA and IBC. While the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code comes in at a later stage where an advertiser organization record for indebtedness, the key segment that has now engaged homebuyers is RERA or Real Estate Regulation as part of the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, 2018.

What is RERA & How is it useful?

The RERA Act was actualized by the Indian government in an effort to shield the interests of homebuyers apart from making operations in the real estate sector transparent and boost revenues. It likewise makes it a lot harder for builders or advertisers to trick clients or postpone venture execution. Aside from that, RERA additionally ensures the money related premiums of homebuyers, something which represented a major danger before the foundation of RERA. With the tag of the Indian land area’s first controller, it has the extension to engage every single level purchaser in the nation.

1. Developers Need To Enlist Ventures:

You ought to dependably check, contingent upon your state, if the project is RERA complaint or not. According to rules, each state where RERA is actualized, manufacturers have a commitment to get themselves enlisted. In this way, in case of a misrepresentation or deferral, the manufacturer will have no place to cover up. In the event of non-enrollment of an undertaking, developers should spend 10 percent of the venture cost as a punishment. The whole chain of developers may likewise come up short prison term and an extra fine.

2. Breaking Points On Reserve Usage:

It might be noticed that since RERA became possibly the most important factor in 2016, every manufacturer in states which have set up RERA specialist need to store something like 70 percent of the sum paid by property purchasers in a different record. It merits referencing that this record is explicitly implied for assets that can be used for the consummation of the venture. This is a key advance as it will keep manufacturers from cross-usage of assets. More or less, developers won’t have the capacity to utilize it to subsidize another parallel task. Worth referencing that the returns of this record must be affirmed by a back proficient, ideally a contracted bookkeeper.

3. More Data On Developers, Venture:

With RERA in the image, developers should give an arrangement of extra subtle elements toward the start of the task to specialists. Among extra data, they need to submit incorporate the kinds of structures to be sold, diagrams and maps, installment timetables and points of interest of every single advertiser of the venture and a quarterly give an account of the status of the undertaking.

4. Security To Clients:

In the event that a developer or advertiser defaults on giving over the ownership of the loft or level on time, the ‘understanding of offer’ condition will have the genuine date of ownership referenced. In the event that there is any deferral, a rate of intrigue is likewise referenced, and advertisers should pay it to the purchasers if there should arise an occurrence of a postponement.

5. No Simple Break For Defaulting Developers:

On the off chance that a developer does not hold fast to principles and guarantees, he/she may lose enlistment of the specific task separated from detainment up to three years and a monstrous fine of 10 percent on the aggregate evaluated cost of the undertaking. While it isn’t yet pertinent in every one of the states, it is as yet a noteworthy hit to defaulting developers. In this way, at whatever point your advertiser or developer neglects to convey on time, you can make strict lawful move against the person.

6. Snappier Discounts:

Level purchasers ought to likewise realize that on the off chance that a developer neglects to convey the level according to the date referenced on the ‘Agreement of Sale’, they have the privilege to guarantee discount alongside enthusiasm as referenced. Indeed, even in such cases, an advertiser or developer may have his permit dropped.

In a situation where the purchaser does not plan to pull back from the venture after a postponement, the advertiser needs to pay an enthusiasm for each period of deferral to the purchaser till the ownership is given over. While these guidelines existed before RERA, the nearness of a legitimate specialist will stimulate the procedure.

Here Is When You Should Move To A Bigger Home

Here Is When You Should Move To A Bigger Home

We as a whole endeavor to locate that ideal home, the one with the highlights we adore, and simply enough space all around to oblige our families and ways of life. Sooner or later may come that pestering inclination: it’s a great opportunity to move to a greater home. In case you’re as yet not certain and possibly require a little bump to take the jump, here are signs that lets you know the time to move.

1. Your Family Is Growing:

Regardless of whether you’re having an infant or moving your folks into your home, adding more individuals to the condition for the most part implies you’ll require more space. More individuals implies more stuff, more rights on washroom space, etc. You’ll need your youngsters to have space to wander around the house, and new children are certainly a standout amongst the most prevalent motivations to move to another home

2. You Need A Different Neighborhood, Network, Or Educational System:

Maybe your first home wasn’t situated in the best of neighborhoods, however the buy got you into your own place. Presently it’s a great opportunity to redesign your living by picking an area or network that better suits your way of life, inclinations, and necessities, particularly on the off chance that you have youngsters’ identity enlisting in the educational system. Area does make a difference, and upsizing when moving to another area can be the answer for some bothering issues and in addition keeping more from emerging not far off.

3. You’ve Had A Lift In Your Salary:

Regardless of whether you landed another position or got a raise, more cash in the bank can mean it’s an incredible time to invest in a greater house. Irrespective of whether you’re seeking after a bigger yard or a roomier kitchen for the majority of your cooking ventures, now you can stand to be somewhat more specific about your space and needs in your home. Set aside some opportunity to think about what you wish were distinctive about your current home, and make a rundown of needs. What would you like to do with all your new space?

4. Your Personal Satisfaction Is Enduring:

This classification can incorporate numerous things: your regularly developing pack of pooches or felines who are making you insane. Your falling heaps of textures that you use for stitching, yet can’t keep sorted out in your current space. The absence of a visitor room implies that when family visits, you’re stuck on the lounge chair. Whatever it may be, if your personal satisfaction has taken a crash in light of the fact that your home is too little, well, the appropriate response is truly clear.

5. To Move Or Redesign?

On the off chance that this inquiry is as of now being thought of you as, have a considerable measure on your plate. Contingent upon the condition and format of your current home, once in a while redesigning to make more space can be more exorbitant than offering and moving to a bigger existing house. Furthermore, would you extremely like to live in a development zone for a considerable length of time? We don’t think so. Except if you’re extremely enthusiastic about growing your current space, the inclination to rebuild might be better changed into the desire to go to Nest Haiku projects by Nest Habitation.

Everything To Know About Home Loans

Everything To Know About Home Loans

Here are some of your queries about home loans sorted for you.

1. How much loan one is eligible for?
Before applying for the loan. Determine:

  • Your total eligibility
  • Repaying capacity
  • Monthly disposable/surplus income
  • Other factors that includes- spouse’s income, assets, liabilities, stability of income, etc.

2. What is the maximum amount one can borrow? 

Lenders expect you to give 10-20% of the home’s amount down payment. The rest 80-90% could be financed by the lender. Though the lender can provide you with the whole amount according to your eligibility, you don’t necessarily have to borrow the whole amount.

3. Is a co-applicant obligatory for a home loan?

Yes, a co-applicant is mandatory for a home loan application. Any member of your immediate family can be your co-applicant.

4. What documents are usually required for loan approval?
The loan application form gives a checklist of documents to be attached with it that includes:

  • Photograph
  • Legal documents related to the purchase of the house
  • Your identity and residence proofs
  • Latest salary slip
  • Income-tax return
  • The last 6 months bank statements/balance sheet
  • Collateral security including assignment of life insurance policies, pledge of shares, national savings certificates, mutual fund units, bank deposits or other investments.

 5. What is meant by sanctioning and disbursement of loan? 

Sanctioning: The bank decides whether or not the loan can be sanctioned or provided to you, on the basis of the documents you submitted. The bank will give you an authorization or sanction letter stating the loan amount, tenure and the interest rate, and other terms of the home loan. The expressed terms will be legitimate till the date referenced in that letter.

Disbursement: At the point when the credit is really given over to you, it adds up to payment of the advance. This happens once the bank is through leading specialized, lawful and valuation works out. The interest rate on the date of disbursement will apply, and not the one as per the sanction letter. In such a case, a new sanction letter gets prepared.

6. How does the disbursement take place? 

The loan can be dispensed in full or in portions, which for the most part does not surpass three in number. Make a point to go into a concurrence with the developer wherein the installments are connected to the development work and not pre-defined on a scheduled time. The disbursement is made in full if the property is fully constructed.

7. What are the interest rate options?
Home loan rates can either be fixed (fixed interest rates) or flexible (variable interest rates).

8. What is MCLR? 

Marginal cost of funds based lending rate was launched on April 1, 2016, according to which the banks have to review and declare overnight, one month, three months, six months, one-year, two-year, three-year MCLR rates each month.

9. What are the costs involved in taking a home loan?
When you take a home loan, you don’t simply pay the EMI on the advance. There are a few different charges, however not all apply to each case. There could be a handling expense of about 0.5-1% of the credit sum. Now and again, the banks forgo it.

10. What is meant by EMI, for home loans?
You reimburse the advance in EMIs, which incorporates both primary and intrigue. Reimbursement by method for EMI begins from the month following the month in which you take the loan.

11. How does one make repayments to lenders?
The lenders offer various modes for loan repayment which would issue standing instructions to the banker to pay the installments through Electronic Clearing System, opt for direct deduction of monthly installments by your employer or issue post-dated cheques from your salary account.

12. Would one get a home improvement loan if he already has a home loan?
A home enhancement loan is offered to encourage enhancement of a self-claimed property to existing or new clients. This advance might be utilized for fixes, remodels, enhancement, and augmentation of the house. The loan works this way: The borrower should work out a cost gauge of the work proposed to be done and offer it to the moneylender, who will take a citation from the contractual worker to check the estimated submitted. The money is released at the rate of the development work to the contractual worker to whom it is due.

13. What to do when one has any grievance?
On the off chance that you have a complaint against a scheduled bank, you can hold up it with the concerned bank in writing in specific complaint register provided at the branches. Request a receipt of your protestation. The details of the official receiving your complaint may be explicitly looked.

Individual Homes Vs Villas: Which Is Better?

Individual Homes Vs Villas: Which Is Better?

Choosing between individual homes and villas is the first thing that ponders in your mind when you plan to buy a new home. By all odds, buying a home either for a living or as an investment is one of the largest expenses that you will be making. For this one and only reason, you must be twice as sure before deciding what property is exactly your type. Here are a few points that will help you choose between villas and apartments when you are out on a home hunt.

1. Expense:

Because of the vast space and lack of restriction in designing the interior and the exterior, villas are undoubtedly costlier than apartments. However, nowadays, top of the line extravagant apartments are nearly as costly as villas. One can expediently choose from both of these choices dependent on alternate inclinations, within a given budget range. Notwithstanding, with regards to the appreciation rate, villas acknowledge quicker on account of more personal land, in contrast with apartments. Because of this reason, villas are a superior speculation for a better investment.

2. Location:

Most of the villas available are situated on the outskirts or in the suburbs of the urban areas, while apartments are usually found both in rural areas as well as the urban communities. On the off chance that your working environment and your children’s school are inside the city, at that point purchasing a flat adjacent is an astute decision. On the contrary, if you work in one of the IT parks or Tech parks in the suburbs, then buying a villa in places like Singanallur is the most ideal choice.

3. Designing:

Regarding designs, villas give you the utmost opportunity and freedom to design the exterior as well as the interior of your new home. Moving on to apartments, you can do nothing when it comes to the exterior of the apartment at all. As of designing the interiors, both, the villas and the apartments give you an opportunity of the decision, however, villas have lesser confinements. With villas, one can choose the color, designs, and even the installations in the interior as well as the exterior of their home. Villas can likewise be changed to uncover the differing tastes and styles of the owners and also that of the housing market. Likewise, extension and refurbishment is conceivable in villas and not in flats.

4. Provisions:

The biggest plus of apartments are facilities like power backup, water supply, uninterrupted supply of cooking gas, etc. Also service personnel like plumbers, electricians, etc. are available on demand in apartments while this might be a little difficult to find in villas. Haiku is changing this tradition by making all the necessary services available 24×7 for you.

5. Privacy:

Obviously, Villas have enhanced security when compared to flats. With 10-50+ families in a similar complex, security is very troublesome in apartments. In most cases, terrace, garden, pool, and other facilities in apartments are meant to be shared, which makes it less private and more public. Moreover, villas offer more close to home open territories than flats. For that reason, if you are a person who revels in living in a large, independent space, where no one encroaches your privacy, then villas ought to be your kind of houses.

6. Amenities:

Apartments are more likely to have amenities like swimming pool, clubhouse, party hall, gymnasium, sports grounds, emergency center, concierge service, and children’s parks. Then again, one can always customize villas to include one or more of these amenities.

7. Safety:

While independent villas offer significantly more freedom, apartment enhance network living and are more secure than Villas.  Security is the greatest worry for estates and will come at a huge expense. Then again, apartments are exceptionally anchored and you can be guaranteed of your home and merchandise’s security even in your nonappearance. But not in the case of Haiku Villas as they have got it sorted with a vision of building up a community of class, within a securely bound society.

The builders of the Nest Habitation analyzed all the above points, pondered, researched and came up with the Haiku Project to build villas with all the advantages of apartments and villas, simultaneously. Nest Habitation’s Haiku, unlike others, is packed with such trinkets of amenities in SCK Avenues, opposite to Singai Nagar, Vellore Road, Singanallur, Coimbatore. Don’t miss it, grab it before it’s too late.

Top Five Reasons To Buy A Home Now

Top Five Reasons To Buy A Home Now

One of the best forms of investment, real estate provides you with guaranteed returns on investment. According to the recent developments, the property values are all set to upsurge day by day. Many government restructurings and developmental trends have made predictions for 2018 to seem extremely positive when it comes to real estate. In short, the best time for any aspiring homeowners and real estate investors to buy a home or invest in a real estate is “RIGHT NOW”. Here are five reasons emphasizing the need for you to buy a home now.

1. Affordability-

The costs of property available have never been better than they are currently. Properties in many areas (especially in rural parts) have seen an ascent in purchasers because of the low costs advertised. This is occurring partially because of the introduction of the CLSS Scheme by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation a year ago. The CLSS Scheme makes it possible for Lower and Middle-class people to apply for subsidies on housing loans while purchasing a home. On the off chance that a home loan is sanctioned or prepared after January 1, 2017, candidates under the plan can utilize the real endowments on intrigue payable.

2. Modern Technology-

The utilization of modern technologies in building properties has done its own magic on the real estate world for the better.  Virtual Reality (VR) innovation, for example, gives potential homebuyers a chance to take a full voyage through a model loft without having to physically visit the site. This has opened the entryways for more NRI investors since they can encounter the property for themselves while never visiting the place. The introduction of Smart Homes outfitted with the most recent innovation likewise makes life bother free for residents. Nearly everything in these homes can be controlled by the dash of a catch, making them appealing to buyers. Innovation has changed the real estate business to improve things and this is relied upon to be a key purpose behind the development in this industry.

3. The Regulatory Act-

The onset of the Real Estate Regulatory Act has helped the real estate business make a stride towards the transparency in the market. New guidelines in regards to private and business ventures have been introduced along with the reforms for finance. These progressions have guaranteed that purchasers in the current real estate market are adequately shielded from deceitful cases.

4. Development of Locations-

The most impending improvements are situated in regions that have, as of late, observed an ascent in interest from real estate buyers and sellers alike. These areas are situated in close vicinity to the urban communities and different spots of interest. The market rates of the properties in these regions are likewise extremely reasonable, putting them inside the range of yearning homebuyers. With prime areas being accessible at unfathomable costs, this is certainly a sign that you should purchase a home amid this year.

5. Amenities-

The greater part of the residential developments and townships now accompany an assortment of comforts for occupants. A large portion of these comforts incorporates swimming pools, exercise rooms, clubhouses and play areas, to pick out a few. These amenities offer an existence of unmatched extravagance and comfort for each occupant. As older flats inside the city don’t offer any such luxury amenities, erstwhile occupiers are currently looking out to invest in newer real estate ventures.

These five factors have tremendously contributed to the present condition of the real estate market. Real estate has now turned out to be a buyer’s paradise, making it the ideal time to invest in a home. While purchasing your fantasy home, ensure to invest in the best in town, like the Nest Habitation. The Nest Habitation is one of the best builders in India, with high caliber real estate properties accessible for those looking for the best to invest in.