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Individual Homes Vs Villas: Which Is Better?

Individual Homes Vs Villas: Which Is Better?

Choosing between individual homes and villas is the first thing that ponders in your mind when you plan to buy a new home. By all odds, buying a home either for a living or as an investment is one of the largest expenses that you will be making. For this one and only reason, you must be twice as sure before deciding what property is exactly your type. Here are a few points that will help you choose between villas and apartments when you are out on a home hunt.

1. Expense:

Because of the vast space and lack of restriction in designing the interior and the exterior, villas are undoubtedly costlier than apartments. However, nowadays, top of the line extravagant apartments are nearly as costly as villas. One can expediently choose from both of these choices dependent on alternate inclinations, within a given budget range. Notwithstanding, with regards to the appreciation rate, villas acknowledge quicker on account of more personal land, in contrast with apartments. Because of this reason, villas are a superior speculation for a better investment.

2. Location:

Most of the villas available are situated on the outskirts or in the suburbs of the urban areas, while apartments are usually found both in rural areas as well as the urban communities. On the off chance that your working environment and your children’s school are inside the city, at that point purchasing a flat adjacent is an astute decision. On the contrary, if you work in one of the IT parks or Tech parks in the suburbs, then buying a villa in places like Singanallur is the most ideal choice.

3. Designing:

Regarding designs, villas give you the utmost opportunity and freedom to design the exterior as well as the interior of your new home. Moving on to apartments, you can do nothing when it comes to the exterior of the apartment at all. As of designing the interiors, both, the villas and the apartments give you an opportunity of the decision, however, villas have lesser confinements. With villas, one can choose the color, designs, and even the installations in the interior as well as the exterior of their home. Villas can likewise be changed to uncover the differing tastes and styles of the owners and also that of the housing market. Likewise, extension and refurbishment is conceivable in villas and not in flats.

4. Provisions:

The biggest plus of apartments are facilities like power backup, water supply, uninterrupted supply of cooking gas, etc. Also service personnel like plumbers, electricians, etc. are available on demand in apartments while this might be a little difficult to find in villas. Haiku is changing this tradition by making all the necessary services available 24×7 for you.

5. Privacy:

Obviously, Villas have enhanced security when compared to flats. With 10-50+ families in a similar complex, security is very troublesome in apartments. In most cases, terrace, garden, pool, and other facilities in apartments are meant to be shared, which makes it less private and more public. Moreover, villas offer more close to home open territories than flats. For that reason, if you are a person who revels in living in a large, independent space, where no one encroaches your privacy, then villas ought to be your kind of houses.

6. Amenities:

Apartments are more likely to have amenities like swimming pool, clubhouse, party hall, gymnasium, sports grounds, emergency center, concierge service, and children’s parks. Then again, one can always customize villas to include one or more of these amenities.

7. Safety:

While independent villas offer significantly more freedom, apartment enhance network living and are more secure than Villas.  Security is the greatest worry for estates and will come at a huge expense. Then again, apartments are exceptionally anchored and you can be guaranteed of your home and merchandise’s security even in your nonappearance. But not in the case of Haiku Villas as they have got it sorted with a vision of building up a community of class, within a securely bound society.

The builders of the Nest Habitation analyzed all the above points, pondered, researched and came up with the Haiku Project to build villas with all the advantages of apartments and villas, simultaneously. Nest Habitation’s Haiku, unlike others, is packed with such trinkets of amenities in SCK Avenues, opposite to Singai Nagar, Vellore Road, Singanallur, Coimbatore. Don’t miss it, grab it before it’s too late.

Top Five Reasons To Buy A Home Now

Top Five Reasons To Buy A Home Now

One of the best forms of investment, real estate provides you with guaranteed returns on investment. According to the recent developments, the property values are all set to upsurge day by day. Many government restructurings and developmental trends have made predictions for 2018 to seem extremely positive when it comes to real estate. In short, the best time for any aspiring homeowners and real estate investors to buy a home or invest in a real estate is “RIGHT NOW”. Here are five reasons emphasizing the need for you to buy a home now.

1. Affordability-

The costs of property available have never been better than they are currently. Properties in many areas (especially in rural parts) have seen an ascent in purchasers because of the low costs advertised. This is occurring partially because of the introduction of the CLSS Scheme by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation a year ago. The CLSS Scheme makes it possible for Lower and Middle-class people to apply for subsidies on housing loans while purchasing a home. On the off chance that a home loan is sanctioned or prepared after January 1, 2017, candidates under the plan can utilize the real endowments on intrigue payable.

2. Modern Technology-

The utilization of modern technologies in building properties has done its own magic on the real estate world for the better.  Virtual Reality (VR) innovation, for example, gives potential homebuyers a chance to take a full voyage through a model loft without having to physically visit the site. This has opened the entryways for more NRI investors since they can encounter the property for themselves while never visiting the place. The introduction of Smart Homes outfitted with the most recent innovation likewise makes life bother free for residents. Nearly everything in these homes can be controlled by the dash of a catch, making them appealing to buyers. Innovation has changed the real estate business to improve things and this is relied upon to be a key purpose behind the development in this industry.

3. The Regulatory Act-

The onset of the Real Estate Regulatory Act has helped the real estate business make a stride towards the transparency in the market. New guidelines in regards to private and business ventures have been introduced along with the reforms for finance. These progressions have guaranteed that purchasers in the current real estate market are adequately shielded from deceitful cases.

4. Development of Locations-

The most impending improvements are situated in regions that have, as of late, observed an ascent in interest from real estate buyers and sellers alike. These areas are situated in close vicinity to the urban communities and different spots of interest. The market rates of the properties in these regions are likewise extremely reasonable, putting them inside the range of yearning homebuyers. With prime areas being accessible at unfathomable costs, this is certainly a sign that you should purchase a home amid this year.

5. Amenities-

The greater part of the residential developments and townships now accompany an assortment of comforts for occupants. A large portion of these comforts incorporates swimming pools, exercise rooms, clubhouses and play areas, to pick out a few. These amenities offer an existence of unmatched extravagance and comfort for each occupant. As older flats inside the city don’t offer any such luxury amenities, erstwhile occupiers are currently looking out to invest in newer real estate ventures.

These five factors have tremendously contributed to the present condition of the real estate market. Real estate has now turned out to be a buyer’s paradise, making it the ideal time to invest in a home. While purchasing your fantasy home, ensure to invest in the best in town, like the Nest Habitation. The Nest Habitation is one of the best builders in India, with high caliber real estate properties accessible for those looking for the best to invest in.


Top Tips To Finance Your New Villa

Top Tips To Finance Your New Villa

The house you looked at today and wanted to think about until tomorrow may be the same house someone looked at yesterday and will buy today. It is easy to get emotional when looking to buy a home and end up paying too much for the property. This is one of the many reasons as to why we provide you with the top tips to finance your new home.


• Repayment of the loan is one major responsibility that comes along with the ownership of a home.

• Stick to your budget or else you would lose your peace of mind in the process.

• Budget well in advance, keeping in mind the other additional expenses that come with owning a home: house taxes, home insurance premiums, etc.

• Ensure to stay within your limits with your upper budget ceiling in mind when you make decisions.


• All your documents like credit limits, bank limits, etc. must be up to date and well-organized.

• Essential documents must be kept handy as the process of securing finance for a home shall involve multiple steps.


• Nowadays, umpteen number of options to get your home financed are present to pick from.

• Proper background checks on different financial loans and supports should be done.

• Mortgaging is a home loan that can be paid in a flexible time period while bank loans are a way more secure method of financing your home with a relatively low down payment.


• Understand all the steps involved in financing a home.

• Budget appropriately and then search for homes that fit into your budget.

• Ensure that your dream home is within your budget and also caters all your needs and requirements.


• It is advisable for you to do your own research prior to your home hunt.

• Familiarize yourself with the basic knowledge and know-how about the in and out of housing quest.

• Always tread the path organized and prepared with your homework done well.


• Save money for down payments way before you start your hunt in order to stay within your budget.

• Always make sure that you spend a pre-calculated portion towards the expenses associated with owning a home.

• The type of home you would be able to get financed depends upon the amount of down payment involved.


• A measure of your credibility in the market is known as the credit score.

• People with a great credit score are often offered the best loans and deals.

• The credit score also demonstrates the credibility and clear financial track record of the people about to buy a home.

• Your credit score replicates your spot as a responsible buyer who can be trusted upon.

• Get your credit score calculated by professionals as there are chances that your loan might even get rejected if your credit score is too low.

It is vital to remember a couple of tips when you intend to get your home financed. At long last, read all reports deliberately before you consent to the loan agreement. The next time you begin your home hunt, nest habitation is undoubtedly where your ultimate housing hunt ends. To know more about Nest Habitation and properties, visit


Why Should You Invest In Coimbatore Real Estate?

Why Should You Invest In Coimbatore Real Estate?

Investment is an important choice that involves lots of factors lingering around it. Your hard-earned
money should be carefully and precisely prioritized so as to receive great capital gain out of it. Where
and how to invest might be a decision of yours yet, in any case, an astute choice is dependably an

If you have plans of putting resources into the property in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore city is one such
choice that has always been on the top of the list among places worth considering, in the state. It is
situated in the outskirts of Palakkad region in Kerala and has the Western Ghats and reserve backwoods
over the other end. This city is notable for its textile industry, manufacturing, automobile parts, and

So, let us have a look at what makes Coimbatore an ideal city for investment.

1. Industrial City:
The textile industry is and has been the primary growth factor of the city, Coimbatore. Growth in the
textile industry and the quality they deliver particularly its cotton and dyes has led to the magnificent
development of Coimbatore. The city has some of the most established flour mills in India. With the
advancement in this city, today it is additionally a home for engineering, agriculture, hosiery, poultry
and information technology.

2. Transportation Access:
Access to all types of transportation has expanded the network to different areas in Coimbatore. The
Coimbatore International Airport is situated at Peelamedu, 13kms from the center of the city. The
airport is easily accessible and can be reached through different means of transportation like
government transports, taxis, and cars accessible in this city. The National Highway 544 connects
Coimbatore to all the major cities in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Coimbatore has the second busiest income
yielding railway station in Tamil Nadu, which connects to almost all cities in India.

3. Healthcare:
Aside from the mechanical development, Coimbatore likewise has extraordinary medicinal services to
offer. With modern and enhanced amenities, the hospitals endeavor to serve the necessities of each
individual including both rural and urban populace dwelling in this city. There is an expanding number of
specialty hospitals exclusively for orthopedics, cardiac, kidney, and others. Furthermore, because of the
charming atmosphere and great healthcare facilities, countless like to move and settle in Coimbatore all
along their retirement life. Accordingly, it, in the long run, supports the realty sector.

4. IT Hub:
Coimbatore has likewise transformed into an IT hub ranking itself second, after Chennai in terms of
software production in the state. The city ranks seventeenth among the worldwide outsourcing urban
cities. TCS, Cognizant, and IBM are the major IT organizations in this city. With the outburst of many IT
organizations, the demand for realty sector has additionally expanded. Likewise, the young professionals
employed at IT organizations are the significant target aggregate for residential space for sellers.

5. Real estate:
The market has seen a significant increment in housing and the interest for second-hand homes and
retirement networks continues unabated. Some of the key residential areas in the city are Singanallur,
R.S. Puram and Avinashi Street which is very exorbitant yet commendable.

The developments in the manufacturing sector, Textile industry, IT Sector, healthcare, education, and
transportation-all together makes Coimbatore, a perfect place to reside in. And if you are in a dilemma
of which property to invest in, Nest Habitation is what you are looking for. Nest Habitation’s project
Haiku places focus on Premium and luxury class Villas, which bounds to be a complete package to the
Premium class of buyers. Pinned at the heart range of Coimbatore city “Singanallur” and implying the
idea of birds’ nest that owns a cozy, warm, comfortable and compact feeling and experience, Nest Haiku
luxury Villas is designed and constructed as a sweet hum of beautiful birds. Nest Habitation also focuses
on giving the best ever amenities possible as any building with just four walls will not be welcoming,
instead, a house of amenities will. So the next time you plan to invest in a property in Coimbatore, Nest
Habitation is, undoubtedly, the best ever a choice.