Know Your Streets, To Feel At Home

“We live in a world that has narrowed into a neighborhood before it has broadened into a brotherhood.”
                                                                                                                    ~ Lyndon B. Johnson

Home is a not a single entity, even when it seems that way, it’s not entirely true. A home is a part of a larger society just like Earth in the solar system and just like other planets, there will be other buildings near your abode who are entitled as your NEIGHBOURS. A neighbourhood supplies friends, memories, fun and a chance to stay connected with a larger group of heterogenous people. Such influences have its own good and bad vibes on you.

If your neighbourhood is safe and secure, if its vase is brimming with positivity and happiness, then sure it will have a positive influence on you. If it’s the other way around, like if your neighbourhoodis all about negativity, fights, crimes, theft and so on, will you think you can stay peacefully in your own little house? It’s totally true that you can’t.

From a child’s perspective, neighbourhood is a key domain.”

A child being naïve and new to this wicked world, finds his/her neighbourhood to be their source of entertainment. Right from finding friends, playing in the streets till having fun, everything is done with their neighbours and not with someone from a long distance. Even elders find their troop of people from their neighbourhood.

Being close with neighbours is quite convenient for people because there will always be a helping hand in cases of emergency, there will always be people to share your thoughts and opinion. Some way or the other, you will find yourself comfortable with your neighbours than with your distant friend who stays far away from you.

When a neighbourhood has so much significance in our lives then it’s totally important for us to make sure we buy/build our house with a healthy neighbourhood. In this contemporary world, many misleads and mistakes are initiated because of an unhealthy neighbourhood. When your surrounding is not clean, what is the use with you being the only now who is? Eventually you cannot change the people in your neighbourhood, so make sure you analyse your surrounding before you settle.

“You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your neighbors.”

Good neighbours share a helping hand, they support causes for an overall benefit, they act selflessly and make sure everything around them/ within them is healthy, which is not the case of an unhealthy neighbourhood.

This life is all about men mingling with other men, and right now, the world is not as clean as it sounds, it’s high time you start selecting your partners and your people. Especially if you are moving to a new house as a family, there is more responsibility for the parents to make sure their neighbourhooddoes not affect their kids in a wrong way.

Nest Habitation Developers Pvt.Ltd has worked on this aspect of providing a healthy, clean and eco-friendly environment with a clean and selective neighbourhood. Their new project HAIKU is a perfect abode for all those who wish to live in a healthy surrounding. Make your choice before you regret losing chances.

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