Deciding The Roof To Stay

“A house is a machine to live in while a flat is an added luxury.”

Indian Economy is one of the refined and stable economies currently. With new governments come new policies and changes, with both positive and negative signs.

2017 was significant for the Indian economy, especially for the real estate sector. There were several amendments that changed the status of the Indian real estate market. The aim was to remove black money and refine market transparency through DEMONETISATION and to make the residential property sector much better for investors and consumers was also performed. Plus, the housing supply was enough with the prevailing demand, and low-cost housing was still there.

So, does your mind ping you saying there is a change in 2018, or that things are remaining in the same shelf again?

Affordable housing includes housing units that are affordable and low-cost for that portion of the society whose salary is below the average household income. With the government funding, it’ll stimulate the real estate sector this year (2018) with various housing developers however funds checking at the right opportunities in this sector driven will drive better returns. There was a sudden downfall in this field of Real-Estate that acts as a black-mark and has lost it’s goodwill among investors. Right now, it is in it’s recession stage, hope it turns out well.

Affordable houses, this concept is paid with immense attention in order to make sure everyone possess a roof above them and not just the sky. In the contemporary world of modernity, Villas, flats and apartments are the trendy possessions that any working or quite well-settled family aspires to own. Being exposed to all these above information, I’m obsessed with this question of why Flats are being placed above all the others?


What are they? Let’s see what’s there to say.


It’s much easier for an apartment complex to afford and to be in a desirable city location, whereas houses are much more expensive to build for a single homeowner. Living in a flat can be very beneficial if you want to walk to work and is great if you want to experience a city’s nightlife just a short way from your home.


Many people would love to have a home with a swimming pool, gym, and tennis court, but the reality is most wouldn’t be able to afford it. The great thing about an apartment complex, especially a big one, is that they often come with all these things.


When moving into a new property it is important to feel secure. One big advantage of living in a flat or apartment is the availability of several layers of added security, especially in a gated complex. There is a usually a code to get into the building, CCTV cameras around the entrance, and apartments off the ground floor. Most houses just have an alarm and a lock on the front door.


If you are just starting your career or moving to a new city, you may not know exactly where you want to live. The great thing about apartments is that you can usually get relatively short-term contracts. Many landlords offer 6 month contracts, and once they are up, you can sometimes ask to keep them rolling – this gives you the freedom to move out with just one month’s notice if you want to change location.


There are usually less costs involved when living in a flat. You don’t have to worry about the structure of the building, as the owner of the complex is responsible for that, and many other repairs are usually not up to you to pay for, especially if you are renting. The rent of an apartment is usually cheaper than the building an own house and if the square footage is smaller you will have cheaper living costs, such as gas, water, and electricity.

Nest Habitation Developers Pvt.Ltd’s new project is HAIKU which refers to a bird’s nest. We, the initiators of HAIKU, offer Flats at affordable prices, keeping in mind all the needs of today’s families and individuals.

HAIKU’s Flats own a great zeal!

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