A Beam With Pride For Generations

“Home is a place you grow up, wanting to leave and grow old, wanting to get back to.”

A dream house is everyone’s never-ending desire. This desire can make one finish things as soon as they take hold of it, just like how hunger makes one go wild and blind. Exceptions are true, yet, most fall into the ‘go wild’ category.

Haiku‘ by Nest Habitation Developers Pvt. Ltd, has worked their combinations to develop a nest for all the birds seeking a safe and secure shelter. Nest Habitation Developers Pvt Ltd’s HAIKU is the perfect destination for anyone who has a dream to own a posh and environment friendly houses.

“Our home is a self-definition, they are a part of
public face we put on. Home is a self-extension
of ourselves”.

This project is positioned at Singanallur or commonly known as the “Pride Label” which is cherished by Coimbatoreans as a place for peaceful life. With the much needed amenities for both villas and apartments and also in being closely related to nature, Haiku is a heaven you wouldn’t want to miss.

Though there are more opportunities to craft your Dream house, you need to stay put to focus on who’s worth the shot and who’s not. Eventually all the plans, diagrams, opinions and voices mean something only if there’s an ear that can understand and hands that can exhibit it. Such delicate and professional builders need to be hunted down from a tray of personnel. Now, how do we do it? Just by seeing them and listening to their words? No, you need to do the selection process professionally too. There are two routes to find a good builder.

The first involves doing thorough research. Get recommendations from friends and professionals, but bear in mind the old saying ‘one man’s meat is another’s poison’. Endorsements are subjective, and you must check them out, judging not only the finished work, but also how the builder handled the whole process, from running the budget, logistics, attendance, on-site facilities and regard for neighbors’ in terms of noise, mess and dust etc. You must ask your potential builder for a list of previous clients – contact them direct and prepare in advance a list of questions to ask them.

The second route is simply by using your intuition. This involves risk – after all, why would you invite a stranger into your home and agree to give them a potentially large amount of your hard-earned cash when you know nothing about them?

When you’re interviewing builders, there are some simple rules to bear in mind. Be aware of how they present themselves and consider the quality and condition of their tools, vehicle and equipment. They should ask you for scaled drawings and a specification to help them put together a quote. Most problems occur with variations from the original drawings and the extra cost of implementing those changes, so be sure you’re happy with the drawings and specification before you hand them to the builder, because it’s far easier to move a line on a drawing than it is to move a wall. Then agree on all the details and costs upfront. Once you decide on a builder, have a contract drawn up specifying staged payments and get to work.

Your dreams require your blood and soul to build it and not just the others. Make sure you build the right house with the right people for the right family at the right time, for, a house is not just for you but for generations to come.

Nest Habitation Developers Pvt Ltd’s HAIKU is a profound art of Thaw Designers and Winmeen Engineers and are thus worth giving a shot because they know your demands and as well as nature’s. Live a life with Nature as your neighbor, you are going to love it.

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