Month: July 2018

Know Your Streets, To Feel At Home

Know Your Streets, To Feel At Home

“We live in a world that has narrowed into a neighborhood before it has broadened into a brotherhood.”
                                                                                                                    ~ Lyndon B. Johnson

Home is a not a single entity, even when it seems that way, it’s not entirely true. A home is a part of a larger society just like Earth in the solar system and just like other planets, there will be other buildings near your abode who are entitled as your NEIGHBOURS. A neighbourhood supplies friends, memories, fun and a chance to stay connected with a larger group of heterogenous people. Such influences have its own good and bad vibes on you.

If your neighbourhood is safe and secure, if its vase is brimming with positivity and happiness, then sure it will have a positive influence on you. If it’s the other way around, like if your neighbourhoodis all about negativity, fights, crimes, theft and so on, will you think you can stay peacefully in your own little house? It’s totally true that you can’t.

From a child’s perspective, neighbourhood is a key domain.”

A child being naïve and new to this wicked world, finds his/her neighbourhood to be their source of entertainment. Right from finding friends, playing in the streets till having fun, everything is done with their neighbours and not with someone from a long distance. Even elders find their troop of people from their neighbourhood.

Being close with neighbours is quite convenient for people because there will always be a helping hand in cases of emergency, there will always be people to share your thoughts and opinion. Some way or the other, you will find yourself comfortable with your neighbours than with your distant friend who stays far away from you.

When a neighbourhood has so much significance in our lives then it’s totally important for us to make sure we buy/build our house with a healthy neighbourhood. In this contemporary world, many misleads and mistakes are initiated because of an unhealthy neighbourhood. When your surrounding is not clean, what is the use with you being the only now who is? Eventually you cannot change the people in your neighbourhood, so make sure you analyse your surrounding before you settle.

“You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your neighbors.”

Good neighbours share a helping hand, they support causes for an overall benefit, they act selflessly and make sure everything around them/ within them is healthy, which is not the case of an unhealthy neighbourhood.

This life is all about men mingling with other men, and right now, the world is not as clean as it sounds, it’s high time you start selecting your partners and your people. Especially if you are moving to a new house as a family, there is more responsibility for the parents to make sure their neighbourhooddoes not affect their kids in a wrong way.

Nest Habitation Developers Pvt.Ltd has worked on this aspect of providing a healthy, clean and eco-friendly environment with a clean and selective neighbourhood. Their new project HAIKU is a perfect abode for all those who wish to live in a healthy surrounding. Make your choice before you regret losing chances.

Destiny Of Commercial Property Investment

Destiny Of Commercial Property Investment

“Ideas can be fictitious but decisions need to be practical.”

The value of commercial goods and services has been raised in rocket speed due to the emergence of a modernistic approach towards life and lifestyle. Despite of what comes in is less, people are fantasized to own things as per their wish.

Eventually, Commercial Property Investment has always been a mystery for a common investor. There is a general perception that Commercial Property Investment is meant only for the business class or for the big investors. Though it is not true always, still, most part of the public settle with residential properties for its low perceived risk. On the other hand, the perceived risk is high for Commercial Property Investment. Commercial Property Investment is a broader term and may include Shop, Office Space, Land etc., each of them having its own pros and cons.

One of the emerging trends is leasing the commercial property instead of outright sale by the builders which are true mostly for prime/premium locations. Not all builders venture into commercial property sector, only some of the builders specialize in commercial property. Therefore, it is recommended that investor should trust only those builders who specialize in commercial property. Destiny of such Commercial Property Investments are getting boosted as, many employees have now turned into entrepreneurs and it is also advisable to not have a commercial property investment as your first property investment.

“Without investment there will not be growth, and without growth there will not be employment.”
                                                                                                                                       ~ Muhtar Kent

Annual Value is the amount for which the property might be let out on a yearly basis, otherwise it is the estimated rent that you could get if the propertywas rented out.

To determine the Annual Value of a house property you need to consider four factors such as,

  • Municipal Value to derive the annual value of your property.
  • Fair Rental Value to estimate the rent of similar properties in and across your region.
  • Standard Rent, to decide the annual value of the property and
  • Actual Rent Received or Receivable to be noted to estimate the annual value.

Net Annual Value of a house property which is let out will be calculated as;

= Gross Annual Value – Municipal Taxes paid


  • Gross Annual Value = Higher of Actual Rent Received or Expected Rent
  • Expected Rent = Higher of Municipal Value or Fair Rental Value but restricted to the Standard Rent

In case of one self-occupied property, the Annual Value is taken as nil. Deduction of 24% for interest paid may still be claimed therefrom. The resulting loss may be set off against income under other heads but cannot be carried forward.

If more than one property is owned and all are used for self-occupation purposes only, then any one can be opted as self-occupied while the others are deemed to be let out. Annual Value of one house away from workplace which is not let out can be taken as NIL, provided that it is the only house owned and it is not let out. If a let- out property is partly self-occupied or is self-occupied for a part of the year, then the value in proportion to the portion of self-occupied property or period of self-occupation, as the case may be, is to be excluded from the annual value.

On the whole, Nest Habitation Developers Pvt Ltd’s , HAIKU is a deliberated form of building, holding all important aspects in reference and in acceptance.

Pay More To Pay Less

Pay More To Pay Less

“Gather the sorted pieces, bind them, and insure before it expires.”

Humans are bound to be borrowers and lenders, where the former is a liability and the latter brings you an asset. Now, for one to own a house, right at this juncture where even inflation is not spotted from the crowd, it’s really a herculean task. Spending major part of our own money on our house would be dangerous. Government and private institutions have framed certain procedures to borrow money from them and return it to them within a certain period of time. They call it as ‘HOME LOAN”.

In finance, a loan is the lending of money by one or more individuals, organizations, and/or other entities to other individuals, organizations etc. The recipient (i.e. the borrower) incurs a debt, and is usually liable to pay interest on that debt until it is repaid, and also to repay the principal amount borrowed. All these are made with a document called a PROMISSORY NOTE and is used as evidence.

Home loan is a loan granted by the financial institutions to make things easy for us to afford a house of our dreams. Though home loan seems to be a bigger responsibility that’s placed on our shoulders, it still has its own merits. Funding a home purchase through home loan entails several tax benefits, it helps in maintaining cash for emergency purposes, provides a platform to design a house of our dreams and it helps to improve our creditworthiness too. A popular saying in the investment business is-

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

Real estate is a major investment, so when you pay for a home in full, a huge sum gets locked-in. This is why experts advise one to carefully assess the funds and find ways in which they can be best utilized. Though real estate investment is fruitful, it still won’t give you the same returns as investment in other ventures such as stocks or bonds or mutual funds. So, instead of locking in your money for a long time, optimize your returns by diversifying your investment portfolio and get quicker results.

“Protect the Protector before Protection runs out.”

Insurance is a thing that provides protection against a possible eventuality. Home loan insurance is an additional security added to your loan. In case of any emergency or failure of your home loan, this insurance will lend a helping hand to clear your losses. Staying with precaution is better than drafting solutions at the end.

Nest Habitations Developers Pvt Ltd is an organization which has developed safe and secure homes for all those nature-lovers and seekers of dream houses. HAIKU which refers to a bird’s nest is a dream project of Nest Habitations Developers Pvt Ltd, who has framed their frameworks friendly to their customers. Hence, HAIKU offers home protection and an extra protection for the protector. Come be a part of this exciting journey, for staying secure is the ultimate goal in the end.

Deciding The Roof To Stay

Deciding The Roof To Stay

“A house is a machine to live in while a flat is an added luxury.”

Indian Economy is one of the refined and stable economies currently. With new governments come new policies and changes, with both positive and negative signs.

2017 was significant for the Indian economy, especially for the real estate sector. There were several amendments that changed the status of the Indian real estate market. The aim was to remove black money and refine market transparency through DEMONETISATION and to make the residential property sector much better for investors and consumers was also performed. Plus, the housing supply was enough with the prevailing demand, and low-cost housing was still there.

So, does your mind ping you saying there is a change in 2018, or that things are remaining in the same shelf again?

Affordable housing includes housing units that are affordable and low-cost for that portion of the society whose salary is below the average household income. With the government funding, it’ll stimulate the real estate sector this year (2018) with various housing developers however funds checking at the right opportunities in this sector driven will drive better returns. There was a sudden downfall in this field of Real-Estate that acts as a black-mark and has lost it’s goodwill among investors. Right now, it is in it’s recession stage, hope it turns out well.

Affordable houses, this concept is paid with immense attention in order to make sure everyone possess a roof above them and not just the sky. In the contemporary world of modernity, Villas, flats and apartments are the trendy possessions that any working or quite well-settled family aspires to own. Being exposed to all these above information, I’m obsessed with this question of why Flats are being placed above all the others?


What are they? Let’s see what’s there to say.


It’s much easier for an apartment complex to afford and to be in a desirable city location, whereas houses are much more expensive to build for a single homeowner. Living in a flat can be very beneficial if you want to walk to work and is great if you want to experience a city’s nightlife just a short way from your home.


Many people would love to have a home with a swimming pool, gym, and tennis court, but the reality is most wouldn’t be able to afford it. The great thing about an apartment complex, especially a big one, is that they often come with all these things.


When moving into a new property it is important to feel secure. One big advantage of living in a flat or apartment is the availability of several layers of added security, especially in a gated complex. There is a usually a code to get into the building, CCTV cameras around the entrance, and apartments off the ground floor. Most houses just have an alarm and a lock on the front door.


If you are just starting your career or moving to a new city, you may not know exactly where you want to live. The great thing about apartments is that you can usually get relatively short-term contracts. Many landlords offer 6 month contracts, and once they are up, you can sometimes ask to keep them rolling – this gives you the freedom to move out with just one month’s notice if you want to change location.


There are usually less costs involved when living in a flat. You don’t have to worry about the structure of the building, as the owner of the complex is responsible for that, and many other repairs are usually not up to you to pay for, especially if you are renting. The rent of an apartment is usually cheaper than the building an own house and if the square footage is smaller you will have cheaper living costs, such as gas, water, and electricity.

Nest Habitation Developers Pvt.Ltd’s new project is HAIKU which refers to a bird’s nest. We, the initiators of HAIKU, offer Flats at affordable prices, keeping in mind all the needs of today’s families and individuals.

HAIKU’s Flats own a great zeal!

Fuel That Fuels!

Fuel That Fuels!

“Economics is the fuel that fuels any organization or the world as a whole.”

Real Estate is the estate or land which is put to auction for the transfer of ownership. Together, Real estate economics is the application of economic techniques to real estate markets, which describes, explains, and predicts pattern of prices, supply, and demand. The closely related field of housing economics is narrower in scope, concentrating on residential real estate markets, while the research of real estate trends focuses on the business and structural changes affecting the industry.

“While an Entrepreneur is the creator, an investor becomes the supplier.”

Real estate entrepreneur or a real estate investor is someone who actively or passively invests in real estate. An active investor may buy a property, make repairs and/or improvements to the property, and sell it later for a profit. A passive investor might hire a real estate firm to find and manage an investment property for him. Typically, investors choose real estate for several reasons: cash flow, capital appreciation, depreciation, tax benefits and leverage. Real estate investing has become quite popular in recent years due to rising property values and low interest rates. However, Deflation in property values or a sharp increase in interest rates would dampen the market considerably.

Discussing about the economy of Real Estate, it is equally important to note things in a consumer’s lens. Before any purchase of land, a Land Deed needs focus. A Land deed is a written and signed legal instrument that is used to transfer ownership of real property from the old owner (the grantor) to the new owner (the grantee).

There are fundamentally only two things to enquire about before transferring your ownership to/with others:

  1. Title – this basically means that you need to verify whether the person selling you the property is its owner and holds all necessary rights to transfer ownership of the property to you. The process of verification of title has no single formula (especially in India). Title is verified through primary title documents (such as sale deeds) and secondary title documents (such as property tax receipts). It is often a tedious and time- consuming process and is highly recommended to be undertaken by engaging professionals who know the method as well as the law; and
  2. Regulatory – this basically means that all applicable licenses and approvals with respect to a certain property should have been taken and maintained by the person who is selling you the property (and/or his/her predecessors). These vary from place to place. So, it is essential that you engage someone with knowledge of local law to carry out this process.

“Stay Wise, Act Smart!”

Your decisions are the writers of your life, so choose the right one, mainly when sacks of monetary value are involved. Nest s Developers Pvt. Ltd has initiated a new project called HAIKU through which eco-friendly and customer-friendly sales are initiated.

We are your choice & we really hope you choose the best.

A Beam With Pride For Generations

A Beam With Pride For Generations

“Home is a place you grow up, wanting to leave and grow old, wanting to get back to.”

A dream house is everyone’s never-ending desire. This desire can make one finish things as soon as they take hold of it, just like how hunger makes one go wild and blind. Exceptions are true, yet, most fall into the ‘go wild’ category.

Haiku‘ by Nest Habitation Developers Pvt. Ltd, has worked their combinations to develop a nest for all the birds seeking a safe and secure shelter. Nest Habitation Developers Pvt Ltd’s HAIKU is the perfect destination for anyone who has a dream to own a posh and environment friendly houses.

“Our home is a self-definition, they are a part of
public face we put on. Home is a self-extension
of ourselves”.

This project is positioned at Singanallur or commonly known as the “Pride Label” which is cherished by Coimbatoreans as a place for peaceful life. With the much needed amenities for both villas and apartments and also in being closely related to nature, Haiku is a heaven you wouldn’t want to miss.

Though there are more opportunities to craft your Dream house, you need to stay put to focus on who’s worth the shot and who’s not. Eventually all the plans, diagrams, opinions and voices mean something only if there’s an ear that can understand and hands that can exhibit it. Such delicate and professional builders need to be hunted down from a tray of personnel. Now, how do we do it? Just by seeing them and listening to their words? No, you need to do the selection process professionally too. There are two routes to find a good builder.

The first involves doing thorough research. Get recommendations from friends and professionals, but bear in mind the old saying ‘one man’s meat is another’s poison’. Endorsements are subjective, and you must check them out, judging not only the finished work, but also how the builder handled the whole process, from running the budget, logistics, attendance, on-site facilities and regard for neighbors’ in terms of noise, mess and dust etc. You must ask your potential builder for a list of previous clients – contact them direct and prepare in advance a list of questions to ask them.

The second route is simply by using your intuition. This involves risk – after all, why would you invite a stranger into your home and agree to give them a potentially large amount of your hard-earned cash when you know nothing about them?

When you’re interviewing builders, there are some simple rules to bear in mind. Be aware of how they present themselves and consider the quality and condition of their tools, vehicle and equipment. They should ask you for scaled drawings and a specification to help them put together a quote. Most problems occur with variations from the original drawings and the extra cost of implementing those changes, so be sure you’re happy with the drawings and specification before you hand them to the builder, because it’s far easier to move a line on a drawing than it is to move a wall. Then agree on all the details and costs upfront. Once you decide on a builder, have a contract drawn up specifying staged payments and get to work.

Your dreams require your blood and soul to build it and not just the others. Make sure you build the right house with the right people for the right family at the right time, for, a house is not just for you but for generations to come.

Nest Habitation Developers Pvt Ltd’s HAIKU is a profound art of Thaw Designers and Winmeen Engineers and are thus worth giving a shot because they know your demands and as well as nature’s. Live a life with Nature as your neighbor, you are going to love it.