Month: May 2018

Be The Jack Of Mastery To Relish The Feathers Of Victory.

Be The Jack Of Mastery To Relish The Feathers Of Victory.

It’s not a new thought of observing someone reaching the peaks and it’s not uncommon to see them come sliding down on the slippery floor of life. Success is a feather added to one’s cap, but the fathoms of its hold depends on ones unceasing sweat.

Opportunities are the clouds of preaching passions. Success does not knock our doors unless we have earned it like a saint’s yearn for enlightenment. For one to be savvy, education is the syrup. Mr.Kothandaraman, being a native of Coimbatore has tracked his learning in Shri Nehru Vidyalaiya, Coimbatore and his graduation in the field of Commerce in PSG Arts and Science College, Coimbatore.

The basement is the loam of a building, which seeks persistent care. One’s success story roots that way as well. Mr. Kothandaraman’s flashback reels, depict that he was handed the scepter of an entrepreneur from his family. His grandfather weaved the initial threads in the ornament market and in Hotel management. Relating both of his seeds, he named his hotel, Navaratna, which is still breathing even after 4 decades in the heart of Coimbatore city. Wholesale business of Gold Jewelleries was also documented when Mr.Kothandaraman took over. As an aspiring tycoon, he launched a new door for prosperity called the Visruta Silvers in 2008 along with his childhood friends showcasing the exclusive silver articles with a royal aura. A tycoon doesn’t stop its pursuit so soon. He then stretched the Silvers Showroom to a 3000 Sq.ft in Cross Cut Road, Coimbatore, thus fattening his career resume. He also saw his talent paving way to the most travelled route called Site promotions. His new leaf of articulation is the promotion of Nest’s Haiku, SKC Avenues, opposite to Singai Nagar, Vellalore road, Singanallur, Coimbatore through a romantic yet a nature- oriented project called HAIKU, through his company named NEST HABITATION DEVELOPERS PVT LTD . A stepping stone can be slippery, rugged or welcoming, it all lies in the eyes of the beholder. Mr.Kothandaraman has worked on his vision of welcoming every stone smashed at his way and is still on his valiant journey. He’s called a serial entrepreneur in retail, hospitality and trading business as his hands have reached all those sectors to pour modernistic ideas. Apart from holding his business card, he has also held the card of BNI’s (Business Network International) first chapter in Coimbatore, referred as the Admirals, for 5 years.  Being the books and cards on a relentless scale would hammer the richness of life. The sight of sweat on our limbs is the antibiotic for the preachers of fun and enthusiasm.

Kothandaraman’s book not only beholds the pages of victories in profit making but also in sports. He was also into the common race of having interest in Badminton, though not a professional. As a south-Indian, he had the natural velour for Kabadi that reached his nerves. Being a triumphant entrepreneur, his wheels have travelled to a lot of topographies and landscapes, probably twice in a year. Physical boundaries of a state are no barricade for him, as his purpose fuels his engine with force. Being in a travelling car, that’s on a never-ending journey, where the distance is like a ceaseless arch, he has coined his thrill and excite on long- travels and explorations too. Though one is born with a silver spoon and a golden plate, there should be grains and greens on it to subside the agony of hunger. So, Food is the screw that clenches a frame and in whose absence a photo frame for prayers is emerged. The hero of this article is a gourmet of food. Diverge landscapes have bestowed different plates of cuisines and have made his taste buds yearn for more varieties.

Don’t take rest after your first victory, because if you fail in your second, more lips are waiting to say, that your first victory was only luck. This quote by APJ Abdul Kalam can be a testimony for Kothandaraman, who, in a young age has tasted the flavor of coup. His diversity and continuity are the lessons to be learned, to inculcate the essence of hard-working and perseverance. Apart from his phenomenal professional aura, his life at home is also bliss. An adobe of a supporting companion and a fiery kid is a significant blessing to be gifted with. His wife, Mrs. Canjana Kothandaraman, who’s a BA graduate is a home maker and also aides his husband by laying her hands into the Administration and Finance of their livelihood. Who would not aspire to keep their family in a superior orientation?

Mr.Kothandaraman, a spirited and a pioneer entrepreneur is a Jack of all trades. Though his basement was laid out by his parents and forefathers, his present and futuristic optimism enthralled the eyes of victory and triumph that it came sliding down to his hands even after enormous hurdles and obstacles. He stands as an exemplar not only for someone who has imbibed his DNA but also for all those who hear or read his articles of life. Be it success or failure, be it profession or personal, be it antique or contemporary, market Mr.Kothandaraman would have laid his hands already to relish it as it is his favorite dish after all.